Trifyl's Waste Sorting and Recovery Plant (UTVD) in the Tarn department of France will combine on the same site an anaerobic digestion unit and a CSR (Solid Recovered Fuels) production line, including an “in situ” CSR boiler, with final use in industrial boilers and cement plants, replacing fossil energy sources..

The plant will ensure the recovery of residual household waste, all waste from waste collection centers, green waste and separately collected bio-waste. The French Valorga methanization process maximizes the production of biogas, which makes sense in the current energy market.

After having developed the first "multi-utility" residual household waste recovery site in Fos sur Mer fifteen years ago, Urbaser Environnement is carrying out a version 2.0 of this concept for Trifyl, adapted to the current regulatory constraints.

In this video, we show you the arrival and lifting of the boiler's constituent panels, which is the biggest lifting operation of the site.


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